Pulsar (english)

PulsarThis is an alBOMB) — like a star of Pulsar that falls asleep and then wakes up after millions of years, exploding with cosmic rays to do benefit for the Earth.

This album is an expirement which shows us personality of Sara from another side of view, whose song «Navsegda» was recently playing on top radio stations of Moscow and which was taken for nothing more but a nice dancing pop-project.

This album is a challenge for existing format. Every song is a life story, a thought from the past, touch to musical styles of different cultures and epochs.

This album is a reflection. How to rise from the ashes and not to lose soul, stay true to oneself? How to reconcile the warring peoples? How to stay forever young even if you are on the wrong side of …? How to break stereotypes, preventing you from living and evolving? How to learn to hear this world and even the underworld?

This album is an image. Discovering image and different sides of singer’s personality it helps to learn better this complicated world of Creator even if Creator lives amongst us and leads a worldly lifestyle. Creator lives in everyone of us — Sara Oks calls for it in every line of her song. He leads us to colossal changes and makes hearts beat with enthusiasm.